A destination wellness retreat takes a unique approach to wellbeing by connecting personalized rejuvenation to curated experiences. The company needed to promote its inaugural event across the world with an interactive digital touch point and promotion as intuitive as its fast approaching escape.


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Launching a unique digital experience

MCG first reviewed the TonicMuse brand & goals from a wellness and attendee perspective. We considered their core vision and purpose to determine the simplest and more organic ways to reach new attendees online, conveying the unique benefits of the first TonicMuse experience.

Proactive digital INterface

Keeping in mind the curated nature of TonicMuse retreats, we worked with the TM team to craft a simple and engaging series of event pages, sharing the beauty and allure of the retreat's location in Dikwella,Sri Lanka and highlighting one of a kind experience guests would enjoy,without giving away too much detail to maintain exclusivity. 

Fostering local partnerships

Recognizing the challenges of planning and hosting a destination retreat without a strong local network in Sri Lanka, MCG connected TonicMuse to our global network, resulting in several key vendors and partners taking part in the event in Sri Lanka.

Promotion & Social Media Support

MCG assisted in promoting the retreat in the US and overseas, utilizing our network of health & wellness influencers and media connections. We continued to engage with relevant people via social media during the event and also worked with the on-the-ground team curate an IRL narrative to share with interested parties and press.





  • Marketing Consulting
  • Site Development
  • Digital Launch Strategy
  • Social Media + Content 
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Promotional Marketing

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MCG came to rescue when we needed proactive but simple solutions/advice. Iā€™d work with their team again in a heartbeat!
— Aya Fisher, Founder


Coming soon, following completion of the TonicMuse retreat.