Our Method

1. Intuitive Research


We learn how your core business works so we can make it better.

Using intuitive research, industry experience, trend analysis and customer understanding, Mulji Creative is dedicated to finding the best fitting and most resourceful answers to your challenges. Our goal is to grow your company and bring peace of mind to you and your employees.

Our teams are built from talent that is familiar with the work you do, based on their own experience. This helps spark more dynamic conversations, which will better solve your problems.

Some say the gut feeling is the only thing they trust when making choices. Others think there are more factors to consider. 

We use both intuition and logic to build holistic roadmaps.

With creative and business minded teams working together, we can view your brand and goals from a 360 degree perspective.

Bringing your business relevant, creative and actionable solutions that will grow and enhance your brand is the only goal of Mulji Creative and the driving force behind how we get things done.

“Creativity does its best work when it functions intuitively.”
- Carla Woolf, Researcher & Author

2. Process Synergy


We build a bridge between creativity and business.

Crafting a great idea can happen over many years or in a short time, considering focus, luck and energy. Growing that idea into a business and expanding into a viable and profitable company usually requires more resources, sweat, tears and fair bit of tenacity.

Unfortunately, this time is often extended when creative teams and strategy teams work in parallel, rather than in unison. This assembly line approach can diminish creativity, increase redundancy and result in a more frustrating experience overall. All of which effects your bottom line and the productivity of your business.

We help solve this silo issue by bringing creative and strategy teams together from inception.

This allows for the mutual sharing of ideas, processes and viable solutions, directly improving the products we create. We nurture
the team dynamic, improving both business efficiency and creative output. Giving you, the client, a more thoughtful solution that will exceed your expectations. 

"Synergy without strategy results to waste of energy." - Ogwo David Emenike, Author & COO

3. Dynamic Direction


We find inspiration & agility in unexpected places.

Seeking interesting and powerful answers to your challenges is something Mulji Creative takes pride in. We won't just give your company a cookie cutter solution to your problems and send you on your way. All of our creatives and strategists are passionate about finding the most fitting idea to help your business. The way we apply this curiosity to how we work can be summed up in two words: Dynamic Direction

Working in a dynamic direction means we use our collective expertise to build more momentum into our solutions.

We pull from the united power of creative thinking to innovate and elevate our ideas. We strive to share that creativity, moxie and embrace of change with our clients. Acting more as your marketing partner focused on the long term success of your business than a marketing vendor focused on the short term success of one project.

"Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is." – Seth Godin, Author