So what is a Mulji Creative?


A Mulji Creative is talented go-getter, well-versed in their craft and ready to take on new challenges in a collaborative and highly creative environment. All of our team members come from different backgrounds, locales and specialities, but fully embody our vision and method both personally and professionally. Being a part of this team is an invitation to join a group of dynamic people, with the experience and moxie to create insightful and cutting edge solutions that benefit our clients while continuing to grow their own imaginations. Our project methods are designed by creative people for creative people, giving everyone on our team the ability to design their best work while encouraging the creativity that attracted each of us to this world in the first place.


MCG provides a support system to help creatives nurture their brands by featuring their portfolios on the MCG profile page. As a freelancer/independent contractor, this allows the transparency of work on projects/clients you align with while mutually giving clients perspective of why you are the best person to handle their business.

Creatives also have access to resources, community support, partner benefits and discounts.

The company also contributes time to developing each team member's passion projects and causes during team brainstorms, giving every creative a voice and sense of collaboration for what matters to them most.

In exchange, we only ask that you share a little bit of your time and expertise towards making Mulji Creative Group an engaging platform for clients, brands and your fellow creatives.

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