Our Vision

Forge balance between logic and creativity

We dedicate equal effort to design and strategy, utilizing our team expertise to provide answers from a holistic perspective. This mutual connectivity sparks more interesting and dynamic outcomes for our clients.


Collaborate to Create

We approach marketing & branding as a collaborative process, building upon the genius of the entire team to cohesively develop and deliver solutions that foster growth and longevity to your company.

Purpose & Values

Authentic. Dynamic. Holistic.

Our team works closely with yours to identify your challenges and build actionable, focused and relevant marketing and design solutions based on our core values.

Our Story

Mulji Creative Group was founded from the need for a more intuitive and collaborative marketing approach. Founder Amisha Mulji, an experienced fitness practitioner, marketer and entrepreneur, served as marketing director/consultant for several boutique fitness and design clients throughout the US and international markets. While building in-house marketing systems, large scale campaigns across omni channel platforms, for name brands and market newcomers alike, she discovered that many companies required more guidance with how to best structure their marketing initiatives and the ongoing knowledge to continue to translate marketing plans into business growth. 

Through this "learn as we change" approach, Mulji Creative Group gives businesses the insight, actionable resources and resourceful support to convert their goals into tangible results, growing brand awareness, sales and market share in their respective categories.

What Matters to Us

Organic Growth
Enhancing Wellbeing
Getting Things Done