Complete Body

Fitness + Wellness


A luxury health and wellness brand needed to re-launch their flagship location in the Financial District and revamp the companies marketing strategy. Mulji Creative developed the digital, promotional and marketing strategy to draw members back into Complete Body's unique facilities.




Utilizing the existing brand personality and focus of Complete Body, MCG crafted and executed a full circle go-to-market strategy that utilized the expertise of fitness and wellness staff to highlight the uniqueness and benefits of what CB had to offer. 



MCG created a custom marketing and promotional training system based on CB's preventative and proactive approach to fitness. Each marketing campaign featured a different benefit of the facility, utilizing the staff's expertise in their respective crafts to give new members a sampling of the CB experience. We helped improve and streamline operations and provided the sales teams with improved tools to ensure a higher percentage of member signups. MCG worked closely with internal sales and operations teams to plan a Grand Opening celebration including exclusive access to the facility, inviting new and returning members to enjoy one of the best facilities in the Financial District.





• Digital Strategy
• Website Refresh
• Partnership Marketing
• Event Programming
• Media Relations
• Promotional Marketing
• Design Consulting

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Within 4 months of project inception:
• Flagship location reopened
• Print & Online Advertisements
• Press Articles
• 50% increase in memberships
• Launch of XT program
• 75% increase in operational efficiency